About German@Home

I am a certified German teacher, teaching German online for some years now.

Since I have been living in Portugal (2013-2016), I am working as a teacher for German as a foreign language. I worked for schools in Lisbon until I started to concentrate on online-classes.
In these years, I have been teaching all levels of German, I gave specified language classes for doctors and nurses and I did exam-preparation; I am always teaching Business German in companies.
I also gave classes for people moving to Germany; I taught them not only the language, but I tried to give them an idea of the german people, culture and everything they need to know. Due to my Masters degree of Anthropology and a lot of travel experience, I have learned to deal with different people from different countries, which helps me teaching students from all over the world.

If you are looking for a professional teacher with good intercultural knowledge to understand your needs as a student, you are at the right place.

How does it work?

1. Book a trial class for free
2. Decide after your trial class if you want to start learning German with me
3. Pay
4. Start your classes after booking online

Methods – what’s special about German@Home

My method offers written, oral and comprehesion skills for all different levels of German (from A1 to C2), from beginners to professional stages, strenghtened by a personal and direct way to teach that shapes the program to the specific needs of each student – from preparing an exam to qualified professional needs. I emphasize on conversation abbilities without neglect the basic grammar and vocabulary studies, using the technique of filling gaps just on specific situations and training the language with oral, interactive and pratical exercises.

I will show you that life is not too short to learn German. With me you will be able to be fluent in one of the most important professional languages in the world in an easy, confortable and fast way.