Study German – we help you to understand not just German but Germany

As mentioned before, we believe that language is not just a way to communicate – a language is the key to a better understanding of a culture.

In our school, we try to find teachers for German and teachers who can give you classes in German culture as well.

We emphasize this aspect because we think it`s very important for an happy arrival in a foreign country –

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German Articles – der, die, das, den, dem and some others



German articles might seem a bit difficult – and they are – compared with articles in other languages, for example in English, where „der, die, das, des, den, dem…“ are simply „the“ – but dont worry – you will learn how to use all these different articles.

Step by step, everybody can learn German and get to know everything about this language. 9. August 2016/von A0M1n 0 0 A0M1n A0M1n2016-08-09 13:12:552016-08-09 13:12:55German Articles – der, die, das, den, dem and some othersAllgemein

Learn German and understand the Culture

Studying a language is not just a way to learn to communicate with people – it`s much more than that.

Learning a language is also the key to understand a foreign culture. While studying, you will notice more and more, how the language helps you to understand the people`s values and customs.

You will learn the way how people are using specific words – which might be different than in your own language. You will notice for example when people are treated with a formal „Sie“ or an informal „du“, when to say „bitte“ and „danke“ or which words tell you that people are happy, sad, stressed or relaxed. 5. August 2016/von A0M1n 0 0 A0M1n A0M1n2016-08-05 14:09:502016-08-05 14:09:50Learn German and understand the CultureNews

The online school for conversation skills in German

We are an Online-school specialized in classes based on conversation. While following a book to get your lessons well-structured, grammar is practiced in our school by conversation – not filling in gaps. This way of studying is just used by our teachers when it`s really needed.

Try your first class now, learn German – relaxed on your couch!